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About the process

Before seeing a Yoga Therapist you will be required to complete an intake form – this will then be the basis for the first appointment. In this appointment you will spend a large proportion of the time talking through your current health situation, what you wish to gain from the therapy and what your short, medium and long term goals are.

It is from here that your treatment plan is prescribed. The Yoga Therapist will take all this information and create a plan for you, that is unique to you and will enable you to work towards greater wellness. Follow on appointments are more movement based, the aim being to create a practice for you that perhaps you can maintain yourself at some point during your treatment. You will notice that it is different to a yoga class, there is more room to change and swap ideas, to discuss how you feel and how the practice is working for you.


All appointments take place in a venue in Sheung Wan

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