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As a trained homeopath I frequently find myself seeing clients in remedy form……and what I mean is that when I am working with people on a one to one basis it is often very clear to me what their constitutional remedy would be and how that may help them. Homeopathy is an ancient system of medicine and it works entirely based upon energy and frequencies. Each and every one of us is operating at an energetic frequency and as we go through our days, weeks, months, life this will change. The remedies work by tapping into our own energetic frequency and facilitates both the mind and body to find a greater level of balance. Yoga is also highly energetic, the breath is energy as without the breath we are nothing. Whilst at this moment in time I am not a practicing homeopath, although I have run very successful practices in the past, I am keen to marry these two fields of energy healing together – homeopathy and yoga therapy – where it seems appropriate. So along the process I may suggest this to an individual and we can talk through this a little more and see if it feels right.

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