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Why Do Yoga?

I practice yoga as it keeps me grounded and happy. As a Vata/Pitta type person with lots of yang energy I know that to keep in my body and centered I need to feel what is going on – yoga gives me that. However the yoga postures are just a small part of what yoga is – by being mindful in all that you do you are practicing yoga, in meditation, in pranayama (breath work), in selfless service and devotion you are practicing yoga.

Many people have different reasons why they practice yoga but here are a few benefits from yoga:

  1. Greater mental, emotional and physical awareness
  2. Increased flexibility
  3. Increased core strength
  4. Improved posture and skeletal alignment
  5. Reduced heart rate
  6. Reduced nervous tension
  7. Increased lung capacity
  8. Improved blood flow
  9. Increased efficiency of the immune system
  10. Reduction of the stress response
  11. Ability to breath calmly and deeply
  12. Ability to be in the present moment
  13. Increased peace of mind and a reduction of anxiety

Ultimately stepping onto the yoga mat for the first time is not always easy, being a beginner never is, however as many yogis out there have experienced, yoga after a while becomes more than just a form of exercise – it becomes part of your life.

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